Animal care

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  • Posted: 6/12/17
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I offer long distance Reiki for your pet. Reiki is the facilitating of healing energy with the use of ancient Japanese symbols. My practice consists mostly of animals, but will do humans too. I concentration on animals because they communicate more clearly and honestly about what they need help healing. Reiki is not just about healing disease, but can help emotionally, with past and future lives and manifesting. And when an animal is ready to cross over Reiki can help with the transition. Actually the benefits of Reiki are limitless.



What a wonderfull world this is! I thank you very much for your effort and your kindly act.

Rhonda Burgess

Kledezma's two rescue dogs seem to be very happy where they are and pleased that you have taken them into your home. The Reiki session was successful with the lab telling me he may have food allergies.



I can say i have never felt on such a high ever, it felt like floating on a cloud so lite and good spirited, it's a first i was introduced to Reiki by Rhonda and couldn't be happier, i wish i can feel like that more often.

Rhonda Burgess

This is my first favor for Karma Tribe and i'm very pleased with the way it turned out. I loved the interaction with Moshe and hope some benefit was received. I look forward for many more opportunities to contribute my special gifts and talents to the members of Karma Tribe.