What is Karma Tribe?

Karma Tribe is a global network of people willing to help each other for free.

Through our platform, you can offer and request free goods or services.

Everything is offered from the heart, with no expectation of anything in return.

Help others, and others will help you.

Give away stuff that you don’t use. Offer help in activities that you love doing. Request anything that you need.

By completing favors, you earn Good Vibes Points (GVP), badges, and climb the Karmic Ladder.

After a favor is completed, please leave a comment about your experience. This comment will go on the profiles of both people involved in the favor.

We only have a few rules.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a more collaborative world, so that we can all depend less on money.

We believe that everyone has valuable unique talents, and we seek to empower people by making it easy for them to share what they love and find what they need.

We seek to connect supply and demand in the most natural way possible: through sharing.

We believe that good deeds come back around and generosity inspires.

Ultimately, we seek to generate a kindness snowball-effect around the world.

More information

To learn more about how Karma Tribe works, please check out:

We do beach cleanups every two weeks in Jaco, CR, to give Mother Nature a helping hand and spread good vibes.


We also love attending concerts and hydrating people with infused water and fruit.

Karma Tribe Team


David Grillot

Fearless Leader

Based in Costa Rica, Dave is on a journey to build Karma Tribe into a global movement with thousands of people helping each other.


Jackie Jensen

Community Reachout Director

There is literally no one as charismatic and friendly as this vivacious High School English Teacher based in Jaco, Costa Rica. She is constantly “blissin’ out!”


Federico Berges

Graphics Guru

We have yet to find an art form that this multi-talented polyglot Uruguayan is not amazingly skilled at.


Molly Wogan

Reach Out Team

With her quick wit, hilarious jokes and contagious smile, Molly spreads good vibes throughout Costa Rica like wildfire.

Aasiyah Flowers

Aasiyah Baig

Chief of Instagram

When she’s not taking the world by storm with her heart of gold, this infinitely talented woman brightens your Insta feed with the freshest and most inspiring content.


Andres Arias

Technical Wizard

This kind-hearted Costa Rican is working his magic behind the scenes, implementing all kinds of wonderful improvements to the Karma Tribe website.


Gabriel Guillem

Relationship Manager

This bright thinker has good vibes for days and keeps the Karma Tribe extravaganza in ship shape. We’re thrilled to welcome Gabriel on board!

Sarah Prom

Sarah Clark

Head of Operations

This California native infuses Karma Tribe with love from behind the scenes.


Allan Campbell

Jungle Wizards Marketing Team

The most generous person you will ever meet, Allan embodies the spirit of Karma Tribe and manages our growing team of ambassadors worldwide.


Rachel Grillot

Jungle Wizards Marketing Team

A behavioral scientist based out of California, Rachel will surely wow you with her brilliant ideas and vivacious grin.



Margy Goodman

Jaco, Costa Rica


Javier Melendez

Dania Beach, FL, USA


Camilo Scholtz

La Paz, Bolivia


Jose Andres Solano

San José, Costa Rica


Conor Bertrand

Austin, TX, USA


Mari Arcos

Punta Del Diablo, Uruguay


Daniel Diaz

Norrköping, Sweden


Ceceilia O

Bastimentos, Panama

Amelia M.D.

Amelia M.D.

Lancaster, PA, USA


Jack Sheridan

Bloomington, IN, USA

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Rachel Z

Bloomington, IN, USA


Want to become an ambassador?

We would love your help. Email us at admin@karmatribe.com.


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