Handy work

3D Printed replacements of rare/expensive components

New York, NY, USA

  • Open for applications
  • Posted: 7/14/16
  • This favor can be completed locally or online
  • A service is being offered
  • Multiple users can be matched for this favor

What? For this favor I offer you the re-fabricated design made in CAD and then printed out to fix the return the functionality of said object. Many things we use have parts which are hard to replace either because they are highly customized or expensive because they come directly from manufacturer. Before contacting me, please check to see if a replacement part is available via or (or the plethora of others), so you can get the part printed from the services they offer there. However if the piece you need hasn't been created, I can measure, design first and then print it with the 3D printer I have. This can be done via mail as well. High volume/intricacy of design will lead to delays (but I sure hope others will join to support the demand, as I will invite them to the website as well)