Intentional Poetry

Avon, CO, USA

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  • Posted: 6/19/17
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I would like to offer uplifting and inspiring poetry! If you would like a poem personalized for you or someone you know, please get in touch! I love writing and I think poetry is a powerful way to connect. Let me create something for you full of power, meaning and intention. You can send me your personal intentions, affirmations or favorite mantras and I'll weave them into a poem that will be wholly and completely for YOU.



Nicole has crazy talent, the most beautiful personalized poem I've ever seen, i am speechless after seeing the poem.


I have been trying to get back into writing poetry for a couple years now, but felt I had lost my muse and have been sitting in a deep writers block. I received an update email from Karma Tribe and suddenly felt a calling to give poetry away as a favor. I was contacted about the favor right away and it turns out that giving my poetry away a gift was EXACTLY the motivation and spark of inspiration I needed to get back into my poetic groove! I'm so happy and cannot wait to write more for others!