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  • Posted: 3/02/17
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Hi, everyone! This week I launched a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo ( I want to help Small business owners and startups to cut software out of the equation when they are figuring out their budgets, giving the most innovative companies more leeway as they plan for their first year of business and beyond. We want foster entrepreneurship around the world. The word about our campaign has to be spread as much as possible, and we need your support. Please share this campaign with your friends, family & colleagues on social media. Join us, to bring this spectacular business software to the market.


Esteban Chaves

Very grateful to Marcial. I need the kindness of many to achieve success with Appy.

Marcial Wills

I've reviewed Esteban's Appy Lab at indiegogo and I find it awesome. Several of my close friends have a business or are in the project of starting a business and I already talked to them about Appy Lab. Because of my friends' experience I know how difficult is to start a business and have all those tools available at a decent price or cost. Appy seems to have it all in one place at a great price. I'll keep an eye on your indiegogo page Esteban.