analyzing the accounting of your business

San Francisco, CA, USA

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  • Posted: 4/19/16
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I'll look over the accounting methods of your business, identify strengths and weaknesses, and show you how to arrange your accounting to answer the following questions: - what does my revenue have to be in order for me to get my desired income? - how can I conceptualize my revenue in terms I can measure daily/weekly? - are there any opportunities I'm missing in terms of organization or taxes? This will take about 2 or 3 hours if your books are in good working order. If your books are not in good working order, I can give you 2 or 3 hours worth of time laying out the processes by which you can get to good working books. Things like splitting personal/business expenses, tracking tax-deductible expenditures, arranging for a SEP-IRA or Solo 401K, making estimated tax payments, etc.