Available to House Sit in Costa Rica

San José Province, San José, Costa Rica

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  • Posted: 6/26/18
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What? I am a 40 year vegan traveler enjoying a change in lifestyle in Costa Rica. My reason for coming to Costa Rica was to escape the 9-5 grind in the UK and to live a simpler lifestyle and not be so reliant on money so that I can focus on the next direction for my life. My current work exchange volunteering position means that I´ve had the pleasure of not paying any rent or bills for the past 6 months! Alternative ways of living such as work exchange, sharing economies, gift economies,, barter economies, cashless economic systems and resource based communities are of great interest to me and I want to incorporate them into my life where possible. I enjoy offering my time, skills and services to benefit others. Karma Tribe embodies some of this really well and is one of my favourite websites - Currently I volunteer at a hostel in San Jose which is a work exchange, so for 6 hours a day 5 days a week I work on the reception and cover mainly the evening shift from 6pm-12pm but also cover daytime shifts as and when required. In exchange for my hours I get free accommodation, free food, free laundry and free WIFI as well as access to the book exchange library and TV with DVD collection. I have enjoyed not having to pay rent or bills for the last 6 months and want to continue this lifestyle but with privacy and surrounded by nature instead of being in a busy hostel in a busy city. I manage the evening shift on the reception which involves reception duties. Part of my duties also include handling cash, reporting maintenance issues to the hostel manager, light cleaning, laundry and ensuring that guests clean up after themselves. We are not a party hostel and so its my responsibility to make sure guests keep noise at a minimum level so that all the guests can enjoy a quiet peaceful and relaxing environment in which to recharge their batteries for their onward journeys. To keep costs down we are conscious about switching off lights and disconnecting appliances when they are not in use. Sometimes guests leave behind laptops, chargers and other items. I make sure to keep them safe to one side in a locker till we can unite them back with their owners.


Love Spirit

Greetings Friend, Here is one of our eBooks that has helped tons of people! Global Free Housing Directory. If you want to help us spread the word about living well without money... join our community. Lovingly, Love


Responded really quickly with links to site geared to what I am looking for!