Balkans - Turkey - South Caucasus travel advice

San José, Costa Rica

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  • Posted: 6/04/16
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What? Thinking of going out of the beaten path in your backpacking trip on Eastern Europe? I spent a couple years in the region: backpacking, volunteering, working for food and a bed, cycling hundreds of kilometers along the Danube, I learned the basics of a few of the languages, I slept at gypsies' houses, fancy but surprisingly affordable hotels, and on the floor by the door of a closed bus station in the Serbian district of Sarajevo. I call 'mom and dad' an elderly couple in Georgia I first found via Airbnb. I have more stories of my time in Eastern Europe than of the country where I was born and have spent 95% of my life. I know some the hostels, the risks, the trains, the buses and the roads, and while I don't claim to know it all (on the contrary, I just scratched the surface), I think my experience may help someone that has not been in the region at all, or those that are hesitant to head into this unique corner of the world. Do you have questions, fears, or facing difficult planning your trip? Are you already there and having trouble? Are you just curious and you just want to hear a travel story from that part of the world? Contact me, I'll do my best to help.