Beautiful Original Art

Montpelier, VT, USA

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  • Posted: 6/12/17
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What? There is something about holding the original piece in your hand. Thick, cotton paper, rich, vibrant colors and beautiful imagery. When the work is imbued with positive energy, it glows and nourishes. It is as powerful as Gold. Precious as any diamond. I've givenmy art away for most of my life. It is a calling. It is my path. My art is prayer. The pieces uploaded here are print quality. You are welcome to download for personal use and gifts. Please never sell my art or use it on products. More downloads available here: Much Love & Respect to You.


Love Spirit

Simply beautiful spirit! Hope to meet one day! Love-

Alexandria Heather

Delighted to share the digital gallery - Be Well!


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Alexandria Heather

Exchange Complete - Namaste!

saifuddin kamran

Awaiting Feedback

Alexandria Heather

Exchange completed!