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Northampton, UK

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  • Posted: 10/11/17
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What? If you're starting out in employment, looking for your next promotion or even want to change career completely I can help you make sure your CV stands out from the crowd and shows off your best abilities. I've helped single mums, students and junior colleagues to develop theirs and have loved every minute!



It was so great to get in touch with Claire especially since I am currently job hunting (which is always a stressful process for anyone). Claire was full of compliments giving me praise on the strengths of my CV and then offered some very insightful feedback from a business perspective. It was great to have a set of fresh eyes with knowledge about CV writing. Thanks Claire!


Thanks for your lovely feedback Christy. I really enjoyed looking through what was already a really strong CV. Hopefully some of my feedback was helpful and gave you a different perspective. All the best for your job hunting :)