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San José, Costa Rica

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  • Posted: 4/12/16
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What? Hello Karma Tribe friends, I am in a difficult situation. I have a few presentations to give this month, and my entire wardrobe is shorts and T-shirts, most of them with stains and holes. I need to buy some cool new clothes in San Jose... specifically some "business/casual" clothes. Is there anyone who would be willing to accompany me for a shopping trip and be my fashion consultant?? I would appreciate it a LOT! Thanks :)



Joan kindly did some research and supplied me with some information about a local clothing store that might have what I need. I really appreciate it Joan and I'll let you know how it goes! :)


Not sure what to write here. David gave me a thumbs up for helping him with local shops for consignment. Wherever I can, I use consignment. That being said, I'm a fluevog fan and have too many pairs.