Free stay in Florida & Learn French, Spanish

Live Oak, FL, USA

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  • Posted: 11/28/18
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What? I am a Vegan Canadian male, French and Spanish teacher and Translator. I lived in different countries in all five continents. I was lucky to absorb their cultures and enrich myself, I am willing to share my knowledge with you. I am very much interested in Spiritual growth, yoga, meditation, healthy living, healthy diet, environmental issues and protection. My other interests include Roots and Traditional music (Indian, Irish, Andes, etc.), languages, cultures, writing, psychology, etc. I have MS (multiple sclerosis) and use a wheelchair. I am non-smoker. I spend half the year in Northern Florida in a little house surrounded by a charming forest. I live very close to an Organic Farm. I go back to Quebec (Canada) end of April, beginning of May. You are welcome to help me there also. I am looking for a Vegan caregiver (no experience needed), someone who would help me on a daily basis with my needs. I provide food, lodging and a stipend. I am willing to help you learn or improve your French or Spanish language skills. If interested, please contact me for more details.

Why? Because I like to host people and I need caregiving help.