Go class for beginners/intermediate

Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

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  • Posted: 4/02/16
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What? Hey ! Have you ever wanted to learn how to play to ancient strategy game Go ? It is the oldest board game, 4,000+ years old! It's an extremely deep and beautiful game. The samurai played it, and now so can you. I would be happy to teach one or more students once per week for 2 hours, either in-person or online. I am about 1-dan and so I don't think I can take on students stronger than 7kyu.


Awaiting Feedback


I gave Fernando some go classes, and we had a lot of fun! I hope it was helpful to him. Hope you are well Fernando and let me know when you want to start playing again. Abrazo.


Petteri Hiisilä

A great Go teacher. Learn't a lot from one game. There might be follow-ups later on.


Petteri was a fantastic student! He was very friendly, patient, and took lots of notes during our class. Since he is a UX designer, to return the favor, he is now offering to help me with some design suggestions to improve Karma Tribe! I am really looking forward to that. Anyways it was an absolute pleasure and I hope to have another class with him soon.