Help with GitHub and a little programming

Heredia Province, Heredia, Costa Rica

  • Open for applications
  • Posted: 10/08/18
  • This favor can be completed locally or online
  • A service is being requested

What? I found a project in GitHub that I would like to run in my computer, but I am not good at programming and I have not been able to figure out how to install it.

Why? I took a github online class and I have been able to download/install/run other projects, but I am stuck with this one project that got my interest. I guess it is just that I am doing something wrong, or that I missed to do something required for the installation of the program. Maybe someone with experience can help me figure it out. If you wanna take the challenge, send me a line and I'll provide more details. It can be either in english, spanish or both :} Thanks!