Holistic Life Coaching or Dru Yoga Class

San José Province, Escazu, Costa Rica

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  • Posted: 11/24/16
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What? Holistic Life Coaching. Are you going through a transition? Does it help you to process things by talking with someone who is able to listen and hold the space for you? Someone who helps you to reframe a difficult situation? I assist you to identify obstacles and choices, to reflect your passions and achievements, to clarify your goals and give valuable feedback. I guide you to see things from a new perspective, allowing you to set your sights on new horizons. I am there as a supportive peer holding a totally confidential space for you. If this is something that would be valuable for you, please contact me. Dru Yoga Class. Dru yoga is a wonderful style of yoga and very accessible. Great for body , mind and spirit. Flow, Coordination, Stretching , Strengthening, Balance, Breathing, Deep Relaxation, Meditation.