Holistic life coaching session

Calgary, AB, Canada

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  • Posted: 4/04/16
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What? In my heart, I know that we are all capable, whole and exactly where we need to be, no matter what life’s circumstances may seem. I am very passionate about emotional, spiritual and physical healing. My goal/vision for my life coaching practice is healing, upliftment and transformation for both my clients and myself. The deepest form of last change occurs from the inside out. Seek not to change the outside world, rather, seek to change your mind on how you see it, and I promise you, all that you desire will come to you. I support people who are feeling stuck, disconnected, confused, scared, anxious, angry, clouded in situations that keep them from moving forward, and/or having physical symptoms manifested by these patterns. I help people who are ready and willing to face themselves with the intention to make a profound shift in their core being, and live a more authentic life. I provide a safe and supportive environment for my clients to express themselves openly and honestly. I am genuine in my intention to support my clients in their journey while being attentive to guide them towards opportunity for relief and healing. I help clients uncover clarity about the perceived issue through careful attunement to the clients emotional, intellectual or physical experience, and drawing forth their most authentic self. I use a holistic approach to coaching which shines light on the essence of the perceived issue creating lasting change. I use mindfulness techniques, draw on metaphysical principles such as law of attraction, and work to tap in to my clients intuition, while focusing on self-empowerment. Further, coaching is a two-way street. I genuinely love being truly helpful to others, and grow in the process myself! My coaching is mirrored in my previous and current experience as a nurse clinician and counsellor to children, teens and their families, in various mental health programs since 2007. I have a keen interest in the mind-spirit-body experience. I take my previous formal training in cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, family systems, and attachment theory, and overlay a holistic, heart-centered, and spirit-based approach for which I studied at the Foundation for Holistic Life Coaching. Follow me on social media for up to date blog posts including little tips and advice from me! Facebook: The Coach in You Instagram: @thecoachinyou