Life Planning - A Workbook to help build your life

Limon, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica

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  • Posted: 8/01/16
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What? The Life Planning Workbook contains a description of a human life - family, friends, spouse, living environment, working environment, spirituality, culture, and You. You get to choose your passion in life, then use the Workbook to help build your life around that passion. It has been used to help life coaching clients describe the life they have now, the life they intend to live, and then help you change your life from Now to WOW!. I'm now simply giving the Workbook away. I've discovered my own passion, and I'm working on that full-time, but I still want others to have the opportunity to use the Workbook in their own lives. Send me your email address and name, and I'll send you a PDF copy of the Workbook. Earthlink will send you an "Allowed Sender Request", I'll check "OK" when I get it, and the email will go through. Then, I'll send you the PDF. I an answer a few questions, but am not taking any new life coaching coaching clients right now. If you're curious about what I am working on, it's something called "Breaking The Cycle Of Poverty", a non-profit project working with the indigenous population in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica. See the action at If you have trouble accessing the site, try another browser. Notice on August 19, 2016 Potential problem; I just now learned that Adobe, the makers of software that puts things in the PDF format, has changed their policies It is now necessary to buy a "Free Tablet Reader" from them in order to read PDFs "for free". I didn't know this, and have been distributing the Workbook in this format for ten years. I'm learning what I can about this. In the meantime, please keep sending your requests - I'll keep them in the queue. If you want to buy the reader from Adobe, let me know, and I can send you the file anyway. In the meantime, I'm doing a little experimenting on converting to some other format. Sorry for the problems. And, if you're in this area, I'm willing to let you take the original to the copy shop and make yourself a copy. And what I've done for some of the Volunteers who have come here is to help them get started on the process of putting their new life together. You can find out more about that by email at I can send you a Powerpoint show about what Volunteers do here at El Puente - The Bridge.