Mentoring Gentle Disposition to create Locally-Owned Worker-Coops!

Portland, OR, USA

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  • Posted: 5/03/16
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What? I'm the founder of Gentle Disposition - a beautiful service that assists families who have lost a love one and need to take care of the belongings left behind. We gently take care of removing belongings from a home - or we clear the entire home through donation, recycling and disposal. For families which benefit from tax deductions we are able to provide tax deduction appraisal and documentation (most families will not benefit from donation appraisal). I am seeking to create 2-3 functioning demonstration projects of the Gentle Disposition model - and I'm prepared to teach and support them for free. Watch Poison into Medicine: Then learn more on my site Want to explore further? Email and we'll find a time to talk and explore adopting a worker-owned Gentle Disposition cooperative in your community. I can't wait to hear from you! - Kim