Offer a 10 minute fb live skype interview

Provincia de San José, Tinamaste, Costa Rica

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  • Posted: 12/07/16
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What? Do you have an interesting story you can tell in 10 minutes? Our media team "Eagle Condor" uses broadcasting technology to livestream onto Facebook a split screen interview to our following in southern pacific Costa Rica. Topics most suitable are health, eco conscious lifestyles, environmental concerns, renewable energy, permaculture and other earth paradigm shifting concepts (like



These guys helped us create an episode of Blissin Out with composite streaming technology! Thanks so much, it was a wonderful experience. These are talented and lovely people.

Kahlil and Eva

Our pleasure man. It was awesome hanging out with the Karma crew. Thank you for picking us up! I am very excited to see karma tribe getting so much momentum. It is truly a remarkable concept. B