Photography and Camera Advice/Pointers

Bastimento, Panama

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  • Posted: 4/25/16
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What? If you are looking for photography advice and would like help understanding the settings on your DSLR camera, I'm happy to help you. I can answer questions about switching from auto to the manual settings on your camera. Hopefully I can provide a user friendly guide to increasing the quality of your images.



Paul is just wonderful to me. He's a dream come true. I have my own personal photography mentor, who is smart, warm, enthusiastic, and doesn't mind relentless questions. I'm so happy.

Paul J Patridge

Seawitch and I have become friends through our photography conversations and we always look forward to talking more about it. She has a beautiful eye for aesthetics and I look forward to seeing more of her shots in the future, and to answering any questions, always.