Positive Psych poetry book (first of its kind)

Miami, FL, USA

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  • Posted: 6/27/17
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Philosophy has historically been rather pointless. NOT TO SAY IT ISN'T IMPORTANT! But most of the questions it asks have simply never come to science-proven points. My brothers and sisters, if you are members of this tribe, like I am, maybe you understand me when I say that this is a fundamentally different time we are living in. I am the Ideas I feel, as are we all. Positive psychology is the modern science that studies human flourishing, a term derived from Socrates's ancient belief of "Eudaemonia". This is the crossroads, my family -- we have arrived at the jagged tooth-edge of ancient philosophies. Knowledge growing like a baby germ. Are you ready to hear the definition of happiness? (P.s: the sibling authors of this great book would appreciate a review in place of money, it would go a long way toward certain contests we are currently engaged in.) Here is the link to the free online version:


Urs Arguedas

Is just a couple hours since he gave me the link and comment that i didn't say nothing..well obviously because is not inmediatly that we complete a favor right? Why you can't wait a little time? I can't even read the link because it didn't work... and you ask me about it oh god is so so annoying


No word as of yet. He has received my book.