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Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

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  • Posted: 4/08/16
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What? Anyone got any good jokes?? My joke repertoire is too small. I am hoping to find some new really good jokes so I can get everyone rolling on the floor laughing at the next event I go to... All types are welcome, except for racist jokes ! Thanks :)



First Nat gave me an "okay" joke... but then she gave me a much funnier one that really made me laugh. So thanks Nat for putting a smile on my face! I appreciate it!!


A laugh a day keeps the doctor away haha



Luke supplied me with an excellent all-purpose joke, sure to elicit chuckles at any venue. I'm thrilled to have this humoristic ace up my sleeve now. Thanks Luke!!!

Luke del Antioch

This was my first favor, so it was more of an experiment than a full fulfillment of the request. However, mad props to KarmaSurfer for starting up this website! It has great promise. Keep up the good work.