Thailand Travel Advice

Boquete, Panama

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  • Posted: 4/08/16
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What? If you are planning a trip to Thailand and have any questions about the country, culture, must-see places, Thai language help, advice for ordering Thai food in a restaurant, shopping, help planning a short or long visit, or even advice about teaching there or living there long-term I would be happy to lend a hand! I lived in Southern Thailand for 4 years and I traveled extensively throughout the country. Feel free to ask anything about your trip to Thailand! Additionally, I can provide a few tips on other South East Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, or Cambodia.


Anthony O'Brien

Cecilia is such an awesome person and I am so grateful she is willing to help me make the best possible trip to Thailand. I have a very unique travel plan and she has been more than helpful brainstorming ideas to meet my needs. I hope to meet her some day so I can give her a HUGE karma hug! :)


I really enjoyed chatting with Anthony about Thailand and thinking of creative ideas together to find the best advice for his upcoming adventures in Thailand. We are planning to stay in touch about the topic and I look forward to continuing to provide answers to any more questions he might have.