Trial Members For New Accountability Coaching Service

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  • Posted: 10/20/16
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What? Hi! We recently launched, a simple accountability coaching service with a focus on diet and fitness. Clients check in via email on a daily basis and we help them stay on top of their diet plan. The twist to our service is that every day you don't check in, you lose $10. This gives you extra incentive to stay accountable. We've run through the mechanics of our service with beta testers, and now we're looking for a few trial members to go through a full 30 day program. Checkout for more details on how our service works. This trial membership is free. We're looking for feedback to help us improve the service. However, trial members will need to deposit $50 in order to experience the incentive of checking in everyday or losing $10. We will send the $50 back to you at the end of the 30 days. We really believe that accountability and personal attention are powerful ways to help people reach their goals, and we want to offer the best service we can to help people improve their lives. Thanks for your help! Tom and Jen