Water Kefir grains and/or kombucha scobi "mothers"

San José Province, Escazu, Costa Rica

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  • Posted: 11/25/16
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What? Hago kefir de agua y kombucha desde hace unos meses (para hacer bebidas probióticas)-- tengo los "granos" para compartir (gratis), o si le interesa hacer kombucha, tengo el hongo para comenzar el proceso cada dos semanas para regalar a alguien... Puedo ayudar con el proceso de comenzar también. I have been making water kefir and kombucha (to make probiotic drinks) for a few months now and have grains that I can give, or if you are interested in making kombucha, I have scobie starters available every few weeks. I can help with the instructions on how to get started as well. I live in Escazú and am frequently in Atenas as well.