In an astonishing display of generosity, two computers were donated through Karma Tribe for children in Honduras.

First, we received this message:

“Today I met Tonio, who offered to donate his old laptop through Karma Tribe. I accepted the laptop from Tonio and I am planing to bring the laptop and give it as donation to a rural school in my country Honduras. When I shared this story with my coworkers, it was like mind blowing for them jaja!”

Then we received this message:

“Here is a picture of both computers. The one donated by Antonio, and the one donated by me.”

“Both computers will be donated to a little school in a poor community in Honduras this December-January. I am very thankful with Antonio for his generosity and also with Karma Tribe for creating this great network of cool people, generosity, positivism and friendship.”

Submitted by Hamlet


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