When my mom went into a home in 2007, I was given her car, which is a reliable Toyota 2001 Camry, with only 23,000Km on it

It did me well driving to visit her, and more recently, since August 2014, driving 3 hours to our Alberta Vipassana meditation centre for volunteer service.

I was about to purchase a new-to-me car, and wondered what I would do with my badly hail-damaged (and now with 223,000km on it Camry) – still reliable, but getting long in the tooth.

I didn’t even need Karma Tribe – I found a woman who volunteers at our centre who could no longer come out to volunteer because her car needed too many repairs she couldn’t afford.

By law I had to sell her my car for at least $1, so that was the price. And she paid me with a vintage Canadian one-dollar bill (now out of circulation).

She’s thrilled with my Camry and I have a keepsake of our friendship. I’ll never spend (or sell) that dollar…

This beautiful story was submitted by JoanFSmart from Calgary, Canada.

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  1. Author
    karmasurfer 2 years ago

    Beautiful story, Joan. Thanks for submitting!!! <3

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