The week of Mother’s Day 2015 I flew 3,000 miles to be with my beloved Mama, a lifelong lover of sunshine, while she underwent surgery to remove skin cancer. Deeply affected by her pain and vulnerability, I busied myself making her teas and smoothies, while she did the only things she could do in her state: rest.   As my mom slept nearby, I sought for a way to be quietly engaged. It was then that I remembered the set of jewelry supplies Mom had offered me to play with.   Once my hands began tinkering with the beads, wires, and feathers, I sank into that magical state of creative focus: flow. A creative passion that had been germinating inside me for many years, waiting for the invitation, emerged. Since that nurturing afternoon in May, jewelry-making has become my favorite form of artistic expression. I will always attribute this creative self-discovery to my now radiantly healthy Mama, the recipient of many pairs of handmade earrings. This experience reminds me that beauty and joy can emerge from life’s challenges, often catching us by surprise.
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  1. karmasurfer 2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful story!!! <3

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