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Hey tribe! I'm from the U.S. but have been teaching internationally for 6 years now. I am currently living in Guatemala but I'm looking for my next county to call home! I love meeting new people from all parts of the world. I am very easy to talk to (but I do ask a lot of questions). I am simply fascinated by people and love to learn from others. Everyone has a story to tell and I am here to listen. Let's make a connection! Cheers!
Reading, hiking, traveling, fishing, yoga, scuba, card games….pretty much anything that gets me outside or keeps me active in body or mind

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It was so great to get in touch with Claire especially since I am currently job hunting (which is always a stressful process for anyone). Claire was full of compliments giving me praise on the strengths of my CV and then offered some very insightful feedback from a business perspective. It was great to have a set of fresh eyes with knowledge about CV writing. Thanks Claire!


Thanks for your lovely feedback Christy. I really enjoyed looking through what was already a really strong CV. Hopefully some of my feedback was helpful and gave you a different perspective. All the best for your job hunting 🙂