Karmic Level: New Tribe Member
Costa Rica
Josh Pasmore is a whole systems Designer. Designing Cities, Villages, Currencies, and other innovative systems that align with and help us step into the New Paradigm showcased by Teal for Startups. vision/ mission For the first time in History, our technologies and energetic momentum is aligning with our ability to forge new frontiers and create duplicable funding models that ramp up New Cities. Green Earth City is one of these that is ready to go. I am devoted to creating a new earth. Green Earth city is a possibility that combines education centers, activation centers, village models, tech incubators, currency and agreement fields, and more. how I got involved with this project, why I’m passionate about it. I’ve been working in development of Futuristic cites for 13 years. We could have gotten funded through Dubai, and we are looking for a pure model. This means, we are looking to start with a MinimumViableProduct so we can perfect the scaleable bio mimicry processes of social interaction and team formation. I am devoted to creating this scenario. One of the best methods to getting to a futuristic city is to start with a world solutionary center. I have developed this simple plan called full potential activation center 11 years ago. We were waiting for some of our social systems to be ready. Especially organizational structure and financial decentralized models. We are now ready! where I see the project going. I see this stepping stone as being able to birth villages that are scaleable to city scapes. I also see VR Augmented reality being integrated to our training, and new edutainment from here. I see us launching the infinite game, creating a cohesive platform that does not need further funding in the future, and can bring regenerative projects of all sorts to life. What could get in the way of a project like this: • Rushed process losing the human trust, communication, balance, and honor for one another. • Financial model not matching the agreement fields • Decision process not fair/not inclusive/not realistic/too slow • Culture development not implemented and chaos in processes • Scaling too fast and losing all structure/balance/foundation cracking. • Co-Creation and onboarding process not dialed in/not matching the vision/values/ intentions.
Current Focus • One thing we never get to do in life is create society from nothing. I really enjoy working on creating this possibility. I am on the front lines with projects that are working towards this. • Links visionaries together and help them co-create (fully devoted to co-creation process!~) • Manages experimental processes that foster honor in relations, connected communication, Common Focus, • Whole-systems-designer (villages, cities, monetary systems, Culture Code) • Activates communities and companies with new paradigm organizational structure • Social platform inventor and developer • Fluent in Spanish • Life Coach and Leadership workshop facilitator • Escrow handler for large CBD and BTC deals • As we proceed, leaving a trail, and entry process and training (*Education) for others to easily form teams and be included in the infinite game we are creating. Current Goals ~ go over master planning for a consortium of whole systems designer to get on the same page ~ Launch Declaration of Agreements ~ Sew scalability and financial model into Master Plans, Finish the Master Plans with Team ~ Look at the options with those around us – Bring in the best in the network to fulfill out current goals and next steps. ~ Launch Consortium and escrow that can help bridge the co-creative movement ~ Finishing presentation designed to help old world money become invested in New Paradigm build out ~ Create currency and governance models and applications that lead us out of the slave economy into the contribution model, and beyond. ~ Launch Full Potential Activation Center (a place for solutionaries and world visionaries to co-design the future)
a. General Contractor b. Investor c. Land Developer d. Snowboard Instructor/ Tour Guide e. Startups / Biz Dev / Business Plan writing, Investment strategies f. Loan officer, financial planning, and Investment Banking g. Movie Script Writer h. Spanish Tutor i. Developer of multiple platforms including 1. Infinite Game theory 2. Project Synergy – a lifestyle and relationships platform that helps people realize their passion driven life and provides tools to getting there. 3. TribeMatch – Matching software to match people to eachother, places, events. Designed to link visionaries together and give them the tools to work together. 4. Green Earth Vision – A portal to the new earth including events for training, a step by step path to leaving the matrix and opting into the new earth 5. New Earth Organizational Structure – A variation of holacracy. Including master planning, and culture code 6. Founder of Green Earth City – A model for futuristic thriving cities including all systems maps, currency model, social codes and culture development platforms, Agreement fields, and step by step funding and training model that keeps the project from losing it’s balanced momentum.

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Limón Province, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica


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