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Love Spirit
Louisville, KY
Global Free Housing & Free Organic Food! I simply inspire people to get off money and live for free! 502-255-1736 | GlobalFreeHousing.org | FreeHouseShare.com
Researcher. Sustainable Activist. Holistic Wellness. Traveler. So, much more…
Author. Free Housing Locator. I teach Tantra & Holistic Wellness. Build sustainable houses with edible gardens. How to create a life of pure bliss.

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Love Spirit

Greetings Friend, Here is one of our eBooks that has helped tons of people! Global Free Housing Directory. https://www.calameo.com/read/0050418676ae7984a597e?authid=svnyrrYnO9Dq If you want to help us spread the word about living well without money... join our community. GlobalFreeHousing.org Lovingly, Love


Responded really quickly with links to site geared to what I am looking for!


Animal care

Love Spirit

Namaste' Goddess, Thank you for your effortless kindness. You are right, betrayal is a gift that will set me free. Love you!

Rhonda Burgess

Betrayal by another says more about them than you. It is all God's grace. Negative or Positive. Something to learn or something to teach. Send them love and light and send them on their way. You have a life to live and no time for regrets. Your gifts are needed. Find those who share your world view and disregard the rest.

Beautiful Original Art


Love Spirit

Simply beautiful spirit! Hope to meet one day! Love-

Alexandria Heather

Delighted to share the digital gallery - Be Well!


Love Spirit

Morris, you're a beautiful soul and I'm proud of the depth of your heart. If you need free housing and organic food, checkout, GlobalFreeHousing.com


It was so great connecting, the amount of people ready to help others in need is amazing.