Karmic Level: New Tribe Member
Roberto Miranda Villavicencio
San Jose, Costa Rica
English practice, Reiki or energy healing
Español – Spanish

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San José Province, San José, Costa Rica



Animal care

Roberto Miranda Villavicencio

Thanks a lot for your time. Energy is a wonderful thing as you can feel a the things around you different, in a positive way. I feel better and looking at Suki, she also seems to be more comfortable. Thanks a lot for the Reiki session. I am sending you a warm spiritual hug. Roberto

Rhonda Burgess

I enjoyed our session last night. Suki is a wonderful little dog, wants to be carried more, upstairs, into cars. Her allergies may be to the food you give her. You might look into something that is non allergenic. She loves you very much. I suffered with anxiety for years until I realized it was other's energy I was picking up. You may want to find someone there to balance your chakras and teach you how to ground yourself to protect from other's energy. I wish you good health.