We don’t have too many rules, because we trust in the power of good vibes. However, we do have a few:

  • All favors offered/requested must be real and genuine.
  • No offering of “business opportunities” or ways to make money
  • No advertising
  • No harassing other Karma Tribe members.
  • No rude, discriminatory, or vulgar comments; please be courteous.
  • No favors involving drugs or anything illegal.
  • No sexual favors.
  • Trades are okay, as long as they don’t involve money.
  • The title must explain what the favor is about.
  • No offering/requesting favors on behalf of other people.
  • You must be 16 or older to participate in Karma Tribe

We reserve the right to kick problematic users out of Karma Tribe. We believe in protecting each other.

Please report any abuse to our admin team at admin@karmatribe.com.


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